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Analytix 2020 is a boutique Professional Services Firm whose primary focus is to provide impeccable administrative business support to Executives and Entrepreneurs, everywhere!

Our dream team of highly skilled Business Support Specialists, also known as Executive Assistants, are dedicated to exemplifying the importance and benefits of having a consistently dependable support system. 

Our vision is 2020: We use hindsight to carefully review and assess your business, industry, leadership and professional goals. With foresight, we create a management strategy tailored to providing you with support that will yield optimal results.





Technology for Business has evolved tremendously over the last decade and we encourage you to join us as we evolve with it! Change is good!  


Executive Assistants are no longer restricted to working from the office during business hours. 

Our Business Support Specialists have the ability to provide support from any part of the world and any part of their home. With full flexibility, we are able to provide efficient and effective support to our clients, globally.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality service without time-zone restrictions; this allows our clients to conquer their day while having the benefits of an uninterrupted support system. 

30 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Our Services



Travelling can be exhausting; At A-2020, our Business Support Specialists will coordinate your trips from departure to return! 

 Whether Business or Personal, our team is dedicated to creating a seamless itinerary that alleviates the stressful planning process for our clients.

Our team not only organizes your trip, we are on call until you arrive at your destination and are available to make changes as the need arises.

Calendar management

Effective time management is one the most vital and fundamental keys in business.  After all, time is money!

Our Business Support Specialists are focused on streamlining your priorities and coordinating your calendars in order to manage your time efficiently.

 With 30+ years in the Executive Support Industry, our team is equipped with the skill-set needed to manage the most exacting schedules. 



Office Administration is one of the key elements associated with high level workplace productivity.

A-2020's Business Support Specialists are committed to providing excellent leadership skills coupled with years of administrative experience.  

We are the connecting link between your Senior Management Team and their employees; Our focus is to cultivate an organized and motivating work-space while ensuring the goals of the organization are met.



Keeping your personal life organized, one completed task at a time! Simply provide us with your 'To Do' list and consider it done! 



Managing expenses can be challenging for Executives to handle on their own; Our Business Support Specialists are detail oriented and keen to ensure that our clients remain organized. 

We possess a wide range of  expertise that include (but are not limited to) reconciling expenses and creating reports, creating invoices, issuing incoming and out going invoices, assisting with internal and external audits and other ad-hoc (administrative) finance  tasks.

document Production

At A-2020, document production is a team effort. Our Business Support Specialists are proficient in various office suites from Google to Microsoft.

While managing all documents with extreme confidentiality, we create, edit, and format presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents to the satisfaction of our clients.   



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